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Mar 7 2016, 04:58 PM
Name of RPC:

Shinobi Info:
Amount of Techniques & SA/Kin:
Shinobi's rank:
Element & Style:

Special Abilit(y/ies) or Kinjutsu technique(s) wanting:
Inuzuka/Wolf Sage
  • I want dogs. Inuzuka Uchiha is too edgy, especially since I planned to have the dog die and be resurrected as the character's susanoo when he dropped the bloodline cuz dead dog. Though I admit running around in a giant chakra armored dog would have been tight, I realize I just wanna beat on people in melee with a ton of furry dogs and piercing fang. Sage mode provides me the character progression and the scaling I desire since I don't think Inuzuka gives you very many scaling tools aside from the dog itself, and I want something to work towards. Plus Wolf sage is dank, it means I get 3manydogs5u
What are you Sacrificing? Elements

Primary/Main Stat: Speed
Low Mastery Appearance: Similarly to the all fours jutsu of the Inuzuka clan, he gains a feral appearance, with his nails and fangs elongating and sharpening. Also, his pupils become more narrowed and his ears lengthen and become more pointed as he drops to all fours, capable of only moving about in this manner.

Medium Mastery Appearance: As with the previous stage, the user's fangs and nails elongate and sharpen. However in this state, he no longer gains lengthened ears, though he does retain the narrowed pupils. Though now able to maintain bipedal movement, he still lurks about like a beast.
Medium Mastery Medium: Using a necklace crafted of fangs pulled from former elders of the tribe of wolf sages, he manages to intake nature chakra rapidly so long as it sits around his neck undamaged. If worn while not actively expending nature chakra however, prolonged exposure results in fatigue and nature chakra overload. (we know how that works out)

Extreme Mastery Appearance: Now only shown as sharpened claws and fangs as well as narrowed pupils, he appears completely normal otherwise.

Thrill of the hunt: Letting out a ferocious howl to inspire those around him, any Inuzuka, Inuzuka pets, or Wolf summons surrounding him gain a 200% increase to their physical statistics, as well as true scent for the next 5 posts. True scent allows them to smell any target(s) regardless of stealth abilities used to hide or change said scent. Unlike other active abilities, when used, this does not disperse summons, as it instead rallies them to fight and hunt alongside their pack leader.
Mar 6 2016, 03:51 PM
Reposting this ability

Name: Million Man Army
Requirements: Creation or 10 point training, My or Matsu's permission
Description: There are those who prefer strength in numbers, those who believe quantity really does outshine quality, given enough of said numbers. Those men and women often end up pawning their work off on some clones while they nap away on their comfy couches and reclining chairs. Whether it be natural or achieved through sheer effort and practice, those with this ability find themselves infinitely more effective than a simple layman when it comes to using clones effectively, as if they were simply an extension of their own body. Producing a greater number of, better, and more efficient clones, it could be said that one with this ability is never truly alone, so long as they don't mind their own company.

  • +100% chakra control
  • Clone related jutsu have their costs reduced by 25%
  • Able to make double the amount of clones from any clone jutsu for no additional cost
  • Clones containing chakra refund their unspent amount back to their creator when dispersed
  • Clones are linked with their creator through a hive mind, meaning they all share one consciousness

Note: Despite not requiring additional chakra, if additional clones are created using this ability for any jutsu that spreads the user's chakra evenly throughout clones, the additional clones must also have an equivalent amount placed within them each.
Feb 28 2016, 08:04 PM
Name of RPC: unsure

Shinobi Info:
Amount of Techniques & SA/Kin:
Shinobi's rank: E
Element & Style:

Special Abilit(y/ies) or Kinjutsu technique(s) wanting:
  • So I've already got a full plot intended for this build, just about the only one I could ever manage to use Uchiha for without feeling too edgy. Doges are my favorite, and Inuzuka is the best clan hands down (argue and I'll shank you). Roleplaying an uchiha for the early stages is super hard for me due to the nature of the clan, but the comic relief of having a canine companion makes it that much easier, while also allowing for more training and progression options. Somewhere down the line I plan for the doggo to go R.I.P so I can progress the character further, then have the doggo remain as a spirit or guardian angel that gives the character confidence etc
What are you Sacrificing? Elements
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