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Allowing us to adjust systems when needed, though never taking away from the overall feel of what it means to be a part of the shinobi world. With a host of different ways to make your character diverse and unique being, it can easily be said that there will never be another ninja like yours, as you are an individual. So stay awhile, browse a bit, ask questions, and hopefully when it’s all said and done, you can join the NRC Family as we make history.

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Feb 5 2018, 01:55 PM
Name: Kage No Inu
Requirements: Nara/Inuzuka
Description: Unknown to most, there is a world beyond our world. Just like in Yu Gi Oh and the DC universe, the shadow realm is an intangible plane of existence normally not accessible to those who can't control the shadows themselves. While many Nara elders would deny it's existence entirely, their scrolls do hold the key to communicating and interacting with this plane. Shu, being the lil shit that he is, decided it would be interesting to commune with the nethers, and got an annoying parting gift as a result. Dai is Shu's Inuzuka companion, as well as his shadow. A dog from the nether realms, he attached himself to Shu's chakra wavelength the moment he sniffed the vulnerable child out, and hasn't left since. As a result, Dai can manifest himself physically as a shadow dog, or remain in the background as Shu's normal shadow. There are limitations, however. Dai must share Shu's style points, and can only have one element, and always share's Shu's rank. If Dai is manifested in his physical form, Shu cannot use Nara jutsu for any post in which Dai is active as his shadow is currently preoccupied. When in physical form, Dai is tethered to Shu via a shadow leash that runs along the ground, and has no physical presence. The range of this leash is equivalent to the same rank of Kage Mane that the user is. If destroyed in his physical form, he becomes dormant as Shu's shadow for 5 posts. If Shu is killed, Dai returns to the nether realm, ceasing to be.
Jan 27 2018, 06:06 AM
Name: Shu Inuzuka
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 5''
Weight: 100 Lbs


Shu is a small, dark haired child with freckles. Often carrying a disgruntled expression on his face, his attire is somewhat unorthodox. His hair is often unkept, as he's too lazy to do anything with it. Due to his tendency to have sticky fingers as a pilfering brat, he often wears gloves or keeps his hands wrapped, in case anyone might attempt to track his fingerprints. This line is here in case this isn't 3 lines.

    Race: Caucasian
    Hair: Brown, Unkept
    Eyes: Brown
    Body: Slim
    Ethnicity: Mizu no Kuni
Personality: Shu's your average fresh out of the academy shinobi, even moreso for those of Kirigakure. He's headstrong, stubborn, likes to pick fights and get in trouble, and typically tends to irk people intentionally. Despite his many shortcomings in the way of practical skill, he still tends to hold himself in high regard when it comes to confidence. His morals are typically in line with those from a competitive shinobi village as well. He has no problems stealing, cheating, or doing whatever he has to do to get ahead. He fantasizes about becoming strong and killing many people on the battlefield, if only for the fame and riches it'll bring him in the future. Despite this, his nature is not one of inherent bloodthirst, but rather a desire for a prosperous life. Still being young, he is immature and naive, but his redeeming quality is that he is quite clever, being effective at thinking on his toes. He doesn't have much respect for leadership or rank, although he knows when to shut up if it would cause him any adverse effect. He's very vocal with his opinions, and competitive as well. Although saying he's hardworking would likely be a lie, one he wouldn't be opposed to telling you himself.

Rank: E
Village: Kirigakure
Title: Genin
Bloodline/Trait: Nara/Inuzuka
Element: Suiton

Fighting Styles: Ninjutsu Minor
Starting Inventory:
  • x1 Sealing Scroll
  • x3 Kunai
  • x3 Shuriken
  • x5 Makibishi
  • x3 Smoke Bombs
  • x10 Feet of Wire
  • x2 Fuuma Shuriken

Special Abilities:

Bloodline Limits: [spoiler]Name: Shadow Lords
Requirements: Nara Bloodline
Description: The masters of shadows, the Nara are said to be able to control nearby shadows, as well as their own. A hidden series of jutsu only known to clan members themselves, and kept as a fiercely guarded secret, Nara can manipulate shadows in the surrounding area to perform a wide variety of jutsu. While this ability is incredibly reliant on having shadows in the area to work with, once a shadow has been activated for use via a jutsu, it is no longer susceptible to light snuffing it out, allowing Nara clan members to cause shadows to move in direct light without issue.

Name: Dog Companion
Requirements: Inuzuka Clan member, at Character Creation
Description: All Inuzuka clan members have this ability, gaining a dog companion during the early stages of life the two grow together and fight together, never being apart. The dog companion isn't like any other animal however, it is far more powerful due to the intimate bond between the two of them. An inuzuka pet is considered their own full RPC for all purposes, including elements, style points, special abilities and combat styles. An Inuzuka pet cannot increase their maximum SA slots by any means however, and they must train their ranks, jutsu, and all other abilities normally. An Inuzuka pet follows all the normal rules for a regular RPC, with the exception of kinjutsu requests as both the master and their companions share kinjutsu requests (meaning all may learn it, if one of them was approved for it). It should be noted that a pet cannot gain a summoning contract of their own nor request the Pet Fighter SA.

Name: Canine Senses
Requirements: Inuzuka Clan, 3 point training, C-rank
Description: The Inuzuka clan have far superior senses than that of a normal human, their sense of smell increased to the point where they can smell enemies from miles away, and track people through rain on a solid stone steppe with little problem. Their sense of hearing is so good that nearby enemies could simply be breathing and the Inuzuka would know about it.


Bloodline Jutsu: [spoiler]Name: Kage Mane no Jutsu [Shadow Immitation Technique]
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Description: This technique was originally was developed by and is the basis of all Justus, used by the Nara Clan. This technique is performed by the user stretching out their shadow to the shadow or physical body of their opponent. When the shadows meet, the opponent will be frozen, forced to mimic the movements of the user. The length of which this technique can be stretched depends on both the amount of shadows in the area, as well as the amount of chakra they're willing to expend per distance. For each post the opponent is held in stasis, half of the cost of the jutsu AND the distance stretched must be repaid.
Bind Distance:
E Rank: 10 Meters
D Rank: 20 Meters
C Rank: 40 Meters
B Rank: 60 Meters
A Rank: 80 Meters
S Rank: 100 Meters

Missions Completed:
  • D-Rank:
  • C-Rank:
  • B-Rank:
  • A-Rank:
  • S-Rank:
History: Shu was born just outside the hidden leaf village in a small shinobi settlement in the land of fire. His mother caught ill when he was young and died as a result of their lack of income, so his father turned to thievery and crime to make it by, as he was not a skilled shinobi himself. As a result, he picked up on these traits and stole from local markets and traders throughout his youth. When he was around the age of nine, they were granted the ability to relocate and move into the Village Hidden in the Leaf itself to join their clanmates in the Inuzuka, which was a mistake on the part of whoever allowed this. They lived within it's sheltered walls for around a year before their deeds caught up with them, dining and dashing at local restaurants, stealing from markets and the like. Ultimately, his father became a wanted man and they were forced to flee the entire land. Not before they got their sticky fingers on information meant to be kept secret to the Nara, however.

Traveling with his father through the various lands, abusing the shadow jutsu he'd stolen with his father in order to make some quick cash, they'd eventually end up settling in Kirigakure itself. They were greeted with a warm welcome, surprisingly, as the land had need of those with the gall to offend the traditions of their rivals. His father was given a job as a traveler for the village, gathering information when and where he could, and Shu was enrolled in the Ninja Academy. With his father rarely home, Shu provided for himself using some of the coin his father made, along with further thievery using the skills he progressively learned at the academy. This environment made light of his thievery, however, considering anyone able to get away with the deed worthy of the reward. His time at the academy was less than fruitful, as he was less naturally talented than your average shinobi, however his magic trick made sure he was able to at least progress through minimum trials and requirements.

Having just recently graduated, he looks to make as much money as possible. Doing missions, stealing from other young genin who are doing the same, and overall just being a nuisance, he enjoys his day to day life currently.
Jan 23 2018, 05:41 AM
Character Name: TBD
Link To Profile: TBD
Character Village: Kiri
Name Of Plot Idea: Nara/Inuzuka
Description: CS slot sacrifice

Do i have to explain why I'm running this dual? I like dogs and Nara.

Both from same village.

Reworked Nara already and wanna play with it.
Jan 19 2018, 12:50 AM
It is here in this thread that you can spend your hard earned TP to purchase things for your character, as you'll find below. Simply post with the template at the bottom in this thread, and a moderator will subtract the specified TP from your profile and you can then update your character's template through a template change. Enjoy!
  • Jutsu Slot - 100 TP
  • SA Slot - 750 TP
  • CS Slot - 300 TP
  • Element Slot - 300 TP
  • Style Point - 250 TP
  • Light/Dark Release - 1000 TP
  • E rank Item - 25 TP
  • D Rank Item - 50 TP
  • C Rank Item - 100 TP
  • B Rank Item - 150 TP
  • A Rank Item - 200 TP
  • S Rank Item - 250 TP
[b]Items Purchased:[/b]
[b]Amount of TP Spent:[/b]
[b]Link to Character Items Purchased For:[/b]
Jan 18 2018, 04:11 PM
Simply stated, the first 5 non staff members we receive on site will be given the position of Kage of their chosen village. This is first come first serve as to which village you choose, and comes with all of the benefits of being a kage, including the following!
  • Starting at C rank
  • Starting with 1000 TP
  • Bitches
Post here to claim, stating which village you desire. From then you have 1 week to make your character profile. Do note that inactivity will cause you to relinquish your slot! Enjoy.
  • Konoha -
  • Suna
  • Kiri - Shichamatsu
  • Kumo -
  • Iwa -
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