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Feb 7 2018, 03:21 PM
Character Name: Minerva
Link To Profile: Click here for sexy barely legal
Character Village: Kirigakure
Name Of Plot Idea: Kumo Ninpo SA
People Required: Just me
  • Being a Tai-Fuuin character and having 6 arms would be super beneficial. Especially with her being weapon focused.
  • No one has this SA. I'll be the first.
  • If you don't let me have it, I'll rape your dog. It wouldn't be the first time.
  • Reason #4
Feb 5 2018, 04:26 AM
So basically Skype sucks ass and none of my messages will send, they just say pending. Just wanted to say I have to post my Kumo ninpo request, and finish my history, then I should be done. Where is Cite?
Sep 21 2016, 11:58 PM
Bloodline Name: Brimaeger (sometimes known as Soul Weaving)
Clan Name: Brimaeger
Leader: ????
Village: ????

Clan History: As far as legend goes, many claim that Brimaeger started on the pure drive for recognition amongst other clans. While ExQuip isnt known for cropping up voraciously in many families, one odd fellows family beat the extraordinary odds in reproducing it not only in most of his side, but his wife and their children retaining this possessive capability as well. A family man, he certainly wasnt without pride and a hint of possessiveness to him as daily the family squabbled over various treasures they discovered in the midst of battle. Watching as other families rose due to the notoriety of their shared abilities he wouldnt go another moment without his family striving for a similar thing: theyd damned well deserved it after all.

Armed with the ability to bond weapons to themselves, such a simplistic ability got them nowhere except the nickname of "Swiss-Army Knives" amongst peers. Theyd have to push the bounds of their abilities further to get up higher in any totem pole, so the man set about pushing his family because if children could learn jutsu faster through clones then imagine what a whole damn family working around the clock could accomplish! Small things cropped up here and there, starting with the mans mother developing a method to affect their meager clothing through their abilities, and subsequently that of their bonded weapons. With the summoning of a single weapon their very wardrobe became deadlier now but that still wasnt enough even as the elderly woman set further down her path to craft jutsu and more style to the ability than the flare of clothing.

A Jack-of-all-Trades type, the mans son returned to him boasting of various small proficiencies involving the common weapons they initially overlooked. He revealed various "lessons" he gleamed from things such as the loyal kunai to the humble senbon, and even researching methods from fans to use in their various combat styles. While bonding with and learning from the simpler weapons broadened their horizons nicely, this additional range failed to boost them quite into the realm of "awesome bloodline family we're happy to have in our village." Really it just bolstered their overall usefulness.

The man's manipulative daughter provided a contribution at the same time as her brother, the two always in competition. Where the son chose to focus on simpler weapons the daughter came to her father with a pleased smirk and gloated about her ability to bond far more complicated items, namely the very puppets she played and practiced with since her toddler days. She bragged that she could bond to the entire thing, entrusting that no other puppeteers could outmaneuver her or attempt to use the things against her mid-combat, never mind the fact she could use bits and pieces at a time if she so chose. He patted her on the head, but reminded the young girl that not everyone could use the things and that they should continue to diversify.

It'd be the man's brother and wife who finally started bringing in what he saw as "true" contributions. In the brothers case, always looking for a bit of "enlightenment" as well as a change of scenery he discovered that his bonded weapons almost had personalities to call their own as much as appearance and styles, yet owned a quality related to himself. He could find inner worlds that resembled his weapons and travel to them mentally and crafted ways to use them with jutsu, and even though he worked primarily with illusions the man saw ways to use this for more.

His wife though was another matter entirely, the ability frightening him a bit yet not quite as much as the woman could in the right moods and with a smirk she revealed she could bond to the very elements. A bit of teasing took place as the woman brazenly spoke of how she no longer required an elemental source during their battles, quickly demonstrating and knocking the man out for a few minutes. As much as he wanted to jump for joy over this though he politely congratulated her, a bit afraid now of spontaneity in regards to the woman he otherwise loved.

This man wouldnt be outdone by his family however, and revealed the fruits of his trials and tribulations. Focusing more on the weapons than anything else, he revealed not only his increased prowess with the weapons, able to substitute types despite using similar forms of fighting styles readily adapting them as needed and then manipulating a multitude of weapons at once around his person in a truer form of "Swiss-Army Knife" that their villagemates never expected to witness. While a fight began to break out over whose abilities were best, the man just straight up started attacking each and provoking them into a physical bout. Confusing to some at first, each person witnessed and observed more closely how the others utilized and worked their homegrown abilities, and over the course of the battle began to use bits and pieces of the other styles.

Of course it took a lot more than a single battle for everyone to grasp all the concepts, but it marked the beginning of a familial tradition that would be shared even as the family spread about for one reason or another. They were, after all, always connected in their souls regardless of the distance they shared and the changing of some names always truly a Brimaeger at heart.

Some people do tend to contest this familial legend however, some children told a modified or completely different version.

Clan Traits/Characteristics: Weavers of the tapestry of the Soul, the Brimaeger are said to have strange powers with both thread and soul, weaving connections between themselves and the surrounding world.. or at least things that they find to be 'interesting'. While this process is... unusual in many ways, the bonds formed are claimed to be unbreakable, linking the bonded in a manner that shapes and changes both.

Clan Personality: Its not uncommon to find a Brimaeger who's prideful or smug, in fact it's almost expected when you find out you're talking to one. Plenty of them view themselves as a better bloodline because theyre not physically deformed or warped for the sake of their bloodlines, some claiming that they take the subtle approach to life. When pointed out that their sometimes flashy clothes say otherwise, they immediately retort something along the lines of "fashion being important" or "unexpected like the peacock's tails to an enemy" and others might complain that they don't choose the clothes: the weapon does. Duh. It all changes from person-to-person though as general philosophies might differ on the basis of their abilities. The most shared trait in the clan however involves a love of weapons, so even if they hold next to no ounce of pride, ego, or smugness about their abilities it's pretty much impossible to find a proper Brimaeger who doesn't love weaponry since the abilities probably didn't manifest in them without it.

Bloodline Description: The art of weaving soul and thread together, the Power of the Brimaeger is most often manifested through items and places they have bonded to. As they form these bonds, both they and their soul change in small subtle ways, gaining understanding and knowledge of the item in question, making a mark on their soul. As attunements and bonds are made, the Brimaeger learns more and more methods of taking advantage of them.. and the tapestry of their soul becomes more and more varied.. not to mention far more colorful.

Bloodline Limits:

Name: Tapestry
Requirements: Brimaeger Bloodline
Description: For one to weave the tapestry of the soul, one must first learn how to weave in the first place. Born with an instinctual understanding of fabric and the methods of creating it, its incredibly hard to find a Brimaeger that can't create it from little more then chraka itself. This limit grants Brimaeger the Fabric element, without it taking up a 'slot'. Elemental sacrificing Brimeager can choose to start with it, rather then one of the five basic elements (which they won't get due to only having a single element). This also makes fabric jutsu into bloodline

Name: Soul Bonds
Requirements: Brimaeger Bloodline. Start with 3 attuned weapons/items, can attune more for three points each.
Description: While others have developed similar abilities in the past, the Brimaeger like to claim that they are simply pale imitations.. of course, one annoying part is that most of the time they are actually right.. which doesn't stop people trying to stab them for arrogance anyway.. or simply pointing out that its not the numbers but how you use them. One of the truest abilities of the Brimaeger, this allows them to form 'bonds' with weapons and items they own. Once bonded, the weapon/item can only be wielded/used with the permission of the ones they are bonded to. If anyone else tries to wield them, they find the weapons/items immovable, as if they wielded a hundred tonnes far more then that person could lift. When aren't in use, these bonded weapons are stored inside the Brimaeger's soul, where they can be retrieved from them with but a thought. Or stored again, but the bonded one must be touching them for that to happen. When using a bonded weapon, the Brimaeger can choose to manifest one of two outfits/set of armours that come with attuning it, which hold the same effects as the weapon itself... and if the user knows any type of jutsu that can be used through the attuned weapon, they can use it through the outfits. While they can bond to artefacts, they can't manifest an outfit for them/use their effects in any way shape or form except through the actual artifact. And yes, all stored weapons are released when they die, appearing around the Brimaegers body.
  • Name: Kunai Bonding
    Requirements: Brimaeger Bloodline, 3 point training
    Description: Kunai.. a common and useful tool, yet still not quite something to be ignored or left behind in battle. A particularly interesting lesson for many of the Brimaeger to learn, but also a useful one. Bonding with the concept of the Kunai often leads to Brimaeger emulating the throwing knife, and when they're dashing about or flying through the air, their honed instincts allow them to usually deflect common weapons (kunai, shuriken, senbon) back at their opponents with little warning to their opponents. Jutsu-enhanced weapons are another matter, as well as weapons with abilities. This ability allows a Brimaeger Bloodline to hold 100 kunai within their soul.

  • Name: Senbon Bonding
    Requirements:Brimaeger Bloodline 3 point training
    Description: Beloved of medics and assassins, the Senbon is a rather versitle weapon, one that has many lessions to teach those willing to learn. After all its a weapon that's easy to learn but difficult to master, and the difference between healing and death can often be a few milimetres, something a wise Brimaeger takes to heart. This understanding makes it easier to hit pressure points, and more importantly makes them more adept at handling and using wire, letting them wield it as if it was as easy to move as string... and more importantly letting them avoid getting cut by it (unless a jutsu is involved). More importantly, this lets them hold 200 senbon within their soul.

  • Name: Shuriken Bonding
    Requirements: 3 point training, Brimaeger Bloodline
    Description: A beloved weapon of ninja, whose pointy edges often stop it from being confused from metallic snowflakes or stars in the sky the Shuriken often gets neglected even more then the Kunai, due to the sheer number mass produced.. not to mention the number used in the average ninja battle. A Brimaeger that muses on this weapon learns to appreciate its mixture of functionality and beauty more then most, with reflection on the death by sharp beauty granting them the ability to stick weapons to various parts of their body with a touch of chraka. Indeed, many a Brimaeger has hugged a person to death, due to people not noticing the poisoned senbon hidden under a bra. This also lets thems tore up to a hundred shuriken within their souls.

  • Name: Smoke Bomb Bonding
    Requirements: 3 point training, Brimaeger Bloodline
    Description: Subtle, Illusive..Sneaky... Invisible.. many traits that a Ninja is supposed to embody yet its often as surprising who doesn't embody it, as who does. Many  Brimaeger meditate on the issue, in an attempt to bring such traits to the forefront of themselves.. but often find it suprisingly hard to do so, due to the problems in letting so many foreign influences into their soul. With enough work though, they can manage it however, allowing them to disappear and hide much more easily in mists or clouds of smoke in comparison to others.. This also allows them to store up to a hundred smoke bombs within their souls.

  • Name: Puppet Bonding
    Requirements: 3 point training, puppetry style points
    Description: Clockwork Complexity, the art of getting several if not dozens of independently moving pieces and organising them into a single and deadly whole is of great interest to the  Brimaeger, considering how similar it is to what they do to their souls. Unfortunately, Puppetry often takes far too much work for many to bother looking into. Those that do however, gain the ability to bond with Puppets like other weapons, gaining the ability to separate the puppet and control the parts with the same number strings for a single puppet.

  • Name: Ink/Paint Bonding
    Requirements: 3 point training.
    Description: Many mistake the Brimaeger for mere weapon heads, who simply spend all their time and energies deriving abilities from an overly creepy and through study of weapons. These people couldn't be any more wrong. Even the most hardened Soul of Steel has some color, for what could be more likely to stir the soul then a beautiful artwork.. or the ability to create your own artworks even when 'normal' materials aren't around. This limit grants the Brimaeger the ability to bond with liquids such as paint or ink, so they no longer need to carry it around. In whatever situation (combat or downtime) the user can then simply draw using a limb“ generally hand or finger, but feet or tails aren't uncommon from weirdos – and the ink/paint will come out in the desired thickness of lines for the jutsu or ability. The user does need to train each ink/paint separately.

  • Name: World Bonding
    Requirements: Brimaeger
    Description: Though Brimaeger graft things on to themselves through processes they don't always understand, making them a part of the user occasionally the change goes somewhat different. Not quite that much different, but just enough so to make their souls a little 'weird', with strange pockets of oddness attached to it. Once taking the add-on, the user gets access to an inner.. 'world' so to speak, a realm that's merely their soul made manifest, a symbol of who they are. This world doesn't actually do anything, though they can visit it in their dreams, or when meditating or similar. Whenever they attune to a weapon, they get a smaller 'realm' so to speak, an 'item' realm belonging to that item or similar, that can be accessed from their main world through a door or portal they can summon at any time. (Ie a person that thinks he is a king might have a golden palace as their main realm, while his clockwork sword would have a steampunk factory world). Some jutsu may interact with this realm in different ways. (ie The Unlimited bladeworks jutsu might make the surrounding area appear to be that of an inner world.

  • Name: Elemental Bonding
    Requirements: 3 point per element
    Description: Amongst the strangest things that a Brimaeger can bond with is the elements inside them. While most often found amongst those that have foreign blood flowing through their veins, others have managed to infuse their very souls with the elements inside them, often forging strange creations of fire and ice within their auras. This limit causes the user to count as a 'source' of elements they've bonded to.. not just for themselves but for others as well, a double edged sword that often bites them in the ass. They also gain the ability to invoke elemental effects of any bonded element through bonded weapons, for -2 ranks in cost.

  • Name: Combat Style Bonding
    Requirements: 3 points per combat style,
    Description: Inner Peace Through Superior Fire-power! The battle-cry of those who enlightenment through martial perfection, a Brimaeger with enough understanding of physical combat learns how to weave tales of honor, glory and martial arts throughout the tapestry of their Soul, enhancing the knowledge of combat styles that they've already obtained. This limit modifies a C/S the user already knows, allowing them to use any bonded weapon in the combat style, provided it makes sense (ie you can't add a bow to a sword style, but you could add a scythe). They also gain the ability to use Brimaeger/Exquip jutsu in the bonded style.

  • Name: Poison Bonding
    Requirements: 3 point training, Ink/Paint Bonding
    Description: Fighting fair can be rather... boring. A truly well rounded Brimaeger learns to understand and embrace all aspects of their personality.. such as the more pragmatic portions often embodied through the use of poison. After all, poison is often claimed to be a particularly... 'unfair' way to fight, a cowards trick that turns an honourable weapon into a tool of treachery and dishonor. Those that use poisons however, use them because they get the job done quicker, turning any hit into a potential fight ender. Your going to kill them anyway, so why not simply do it the easiest way possible. This limit lets the user bond with poisons for three point training, similar to Ink/Paint Bonding. The user can coat other attuned weapons with a bonded poison (or change which they are coated with) with a slight surge of chraka, giving them a rather visible coating. Note that you can only use it in these ways.. not like ink bonding.

  • Name: Endless Armoury
    Requirements: 5 point training, six other limits trained
    Description: One of the most effective storage abilities of the Brimaeger, the Endless Armoury is the nickname given to those who reach a certain level, where they can practically generate what seems like unlimited amounts of weaponry. This limit allows them to store any number of general weapons inside their souls, without having to attune them first.

  • Name: Soul Weaver
    Requirements: 5 point training, six other limits trained
    Description: Its not enough for a Brimaeger to weave things into their soul, and their soul into fabric. Sometimes they want to go to the next level, and utilise and combine the clans two signature abilities at once into something truly... unique. This limit enhances the users abilities in the fabric element, allowing them to use the jutsu without hand signs. Most importantly however, when wearing an outfit granted by an attuned weapon, the user can channel the effects of outfit through any fabric they are using jutsu on... except for fabric the opponent is wearing anyway.. (though after they take it off, the fabric is fair game).

  • Name: Bond Control
    Requirements: 5 point training, 10+ things attuned, S rank. (Can't have bladewing)
    Description: The strongest ability of the Brimaeger isn't quite what most people expect. After expanding their souls understanding by forming multiple bonds and bringing them into themselves, most would expect some kind of super weaving capability, able to read someones history through their clothes, or retcon events by changing the tapestry of someones soul. Instead however, they gain a slightly better control over their bonds, allowing them to manipulate and use bonded weapons without touching them, though up to 12 weapons or items can be controlled at once..
Mar 9 2016, 04:54 AM
Name: Minerva
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 118


Decked out in standard shinobi attire, Minerva isn't one who tries to present herself in an overly dramatic way. Her outfit commonly consists of a black top and pants, with midnight blue ninja sandals. Over this dreadfully normal attire she wears her Kage cloak, with characters for Mizukage emblazoned on the back - as is custom.aey for the villages figurehead. She carries the great shark blade Samehada on her back, held on by a sling that makes it easy to manuever the blade in and out of place. Minerva's hair is extremely long and measures out to about twelve feet total, being more than twice her height. She likes to keep it wrapped up in two or more buns. Deep purple eyes set perfectly center on her face, in fact all her features exhibit a stunning symmetry.

When kicking back and chillaxing in her room like a baller, she prefers to dress far more casually. Sundresses are usually her go to. But that's mostly because she likes them and she's too lazy to diversify her wardrobe.

    Race: Japanese
    Hair: White
    Eyes: Purple
    Body: Lithe
    Ethnicity: Outlands

In her youth Minerva was a much more carefree and almost mindless spirit. She enjoyed adventure, excitement, and all that jazz. In fact, there wasn't a time where she wasn't in some foreign land experiencing the lives and cultures of other nations and their people. And while she hasn't exactly changed all that much, she has a responsibility to her home in Kirigakure. The years spent abroad have been replaced with long nights of due diligence to a nation, and flag, she had swore to protect the day she became one of them. That being said, Minerva is a kind and rather lackadaisical individual who loves to take life as it comes. That is if she's given the mercy of letting go the reigns without all falling into chaos. When she's not busy doing responsible village leader stuff, she's trying to have a good time; meeting new people, training her highly necessary skills, or even sparring with other people.

Having been raised by a generation of the Seven Swordsman she naturally has a bit of bloodlust in her. As well as a fixation for well made weaponry and close quarters combat. Minerva often finds herself enjoying the thrill of battle too much, even being quite disturbed at her own slight masochism when getting cut up by a worthy opponent. And while taking a life can be very satisfying for her, she has a respect for life and those people around her. Like many in the world she lives in she struggles to find, and uphold, a moral code in an absurd world in a crazy time.

Rank: C
Village: Kirigakure no Sato | Hidden Mist Village
Title: Mizukage (Mist Shadow)
    Bloodline/Trait: Sage
    Element: Fuuton

    Fighting Styles: Taijutsu Specialist (Master)
Starting Inventory:
  • Samehada
  • 10x Kunai
  • 10x Shuriken
  • 5x Smoke Bomb
  • 2x Fuuma Shuriken

Combat Styles:

Special Abilities:



Name: Low Mastery
Requirements: Be A Sage. Integration Level 1
Description: The beginning of the journey for any sage. Incapable of drawing in Nature Chakra any other way other than being stationary and concentrating on doing so (1 Full Post). While incredibly handicapped in this state, if the user can actually manage to draw in any Natural Chakra, they are still potent. While only capable of using up to B-rank Senjutsu and only being able to fire off two before exiting Sage Mode, their physical state is a bit different. Incapable of tiring in any physical manner, the Sage also gains a 100% boost to every physical stat, with their main stat being twice the amount of their other stats (200% increase) (Main stat should be noted, this can also include Chakra Control but not Pool). In this state, the user has an abundance of physical features from the animal/beast/object they have a connection to. Nonetheless, because of their low mastery, the user can only maintain this form for a total of five post before having to stand still and draw in more Nature Energy. This level of Mastery is incapable of accessing their Active.
Main Stat: Speed

Missions Completed:
  • D-Rank:
  • C-Rank:
  • B-Rank:
  • A-Rank:
  • S-Rank:
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