Welcome to Naruto Roleplay Center! An AU Naruto RP which is currently on its fifth edition, NRC has been around for nearly ten years, with this year being our 12th anniversary! Here on NRC, we pride ourselves on not only our longevity, but having a tight knit community and member base, who are cared for and nurtured by our lovely staff. With that said, we’re always looking to improve on what we’ve already built.

Allowing us to adjust systems when needed, though never taking away from the overall feel of what it means to be a part of the shinobi world. With a host of different ways to make your character diverse and unique being, it can easily be said that there will never be another ninja like yours, as you are an individual. So stay awhile, browse a bit, ask questions, and hopefully when it’s all said and done, you can join the NRC Family as we make history.

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Mar 1 2016, 10:35 AM
Name: Hao
Age: Sixteen {16}
Gender: Male
Height: Five Foot, Eleven Inches {5'11}
Weight: One Hundred and Sixty-Two Pounds {162 lbs}

    Race: Caucasian
    Hair: Pitch Black
    Eyes: Black Scleras |Green Pupils | No Irises
    Body: Lanky/Athletic
    Ethnicity: Tsuchi no Kuni {Stone Country}

Feb 29 2016, 09:13 AM
Name: Unusual Physiology: Black
Requirements: Hao, 5 Point Training
Description: An ability which was gained after having the Rokubi sealed within him, Hao's version of Unusual Physiology gets him even closer to being the embodiment of darkness even more so than being the Jinchuriki of the dark beast. However it is less about shadows and the absence of light, as it is the color black itself (or extremely dark gray). With this, Hao is capable of melding into anything that is the color black/dark gray, no matter the object, size, or density, this is his form of incorporeal. While in this form, Hao takes the shape of the object itself, making him undetectable by all means, with the exceptions of when he melds with his own shadow, simply appearing as something akin to a puddle of ink with no sheen (that is capable of moving), Kagura Mind's Eye, emotion sensing, and aura sensing. While in his Black state, Hao is capable of traveling from one black spot to another abruptly, jumping from shadow, to black shirt, to black hat at any point. Obviously Hao can still use his senses while melded with the color black, but what he cannot do is have physical interactions with objects while in such a state. The enemy of Hao is the color white. If hit/struck/written on by anything that is the color white, it causes instability in his form, and causes him to be unable to meld with black for three post. Nonetheless, unlike most other Unusual Physiology abilities, Hao's UP cannot be used to negate damage at all if the black he is melded with is struck, instead only being capable of hiding/perfect stealth.
  • Can fuse with anything that is the color black, allowing Hao undetectable stealth by any means while melded with Black, with the exception being Mind's Eye, which is capable of detecting the user 1 post after he's melded with black. In which case it takes an additional three post to hide from Kagura's Mind Eye once more.

  • Can be sensed via emotion or aura detection methods, however they don't give a direct implication of user's whereabouts, only that they are around.

  • Does not negate any sort of damage from jutsu/abilities when melded with black.

  • Cannot physically interact with any objects while melded with the color black.

  • The color white coming into contact with the user causes him to be unable to meld with black for three post.

  • Capable of traveling/movement while in his own shadow (with his own speed boost % being factored in the speed of the movement), though he still can't interact with any physical objects.

  • While melded with other black objects that is not his own shadow, he cannot move himself (unless he's switching from being melded with one object to another) or the object he's melded to.
Feb 29 2016, 08:38 AM
So okay, the current Kage list goes as:

Hokage - Destiny

Kazekage - Nobody

Mizukage - Pikmin

Tsuchikage - Shichamatsu

Mizuumikage - Ozanaru (Absent)

Yukikage - Rin (Absent)

Raikage - Yugi

Okay so as always, if you haven't chosen 3 people you wish to auto-promote to Chunnin, you may do so (though obviously if you rolled over from NRC v4 and already picked 3, ya can't pick another 3). On top of that, the villages without Artifacts can feel free to make and post, or I could perhaps assist you in making them. Either way every village (Minor or Major) will have access to Artifacts, unlike before. So cheers!
Feb 27 2016, 07:26 AM

What are Combat Styles?

A Combat Style is as it sounds; it is a way of fighting that will boost statistics. Combat Styles are most commonly used for taijutsu, though some Combat Styles might relate to other fighting styles, such as ninjutsu or ijutsu.

How Does it Work?

All Combat Styles require training to learn. Combat Styles are learned by level, with each level requiring a minimum of 2 points of training unless otherwise specified. At every new level, you gain access to the bonus that it provides and the ability to learn any jutsu that require that level. If you have permission to learn the Combat Style, you do not require permission to learn additional levels.

How does everything work in character?

Like a Special Ability, Combat Styles must be activated and specified so in your post. You may choose which level you wish to use in that post. They are continuous and unless specified do not drain chakra. While fighting, you gain any bonuses that it provides. You may activate or deactivate on Combat Style per post. This means you are not able to activate and deactivate a Combat Style in a single post. Many Combat Styles have limitations: some Combat Styles limit which jutsu you can use during usage, others have a cool down effect, others have post limits.

What are the types of Combat Styles?

There are three main types: Boost, Art, and Aura.

Art is a combat style which focuses on learning one type of fighting, and gaining boosts in that. Arts are the most likely to have a series of jutsu that require the style. Only jutsu that are a part of the Art or can be considered a part of the Art can be used during activation, and an art cannot have jutsu outside of it's style count for said style. An example of an art is kenjutsu (Art of Sword Fighting). Arts almost never have post limits. Arts DON'T use chakra, thus can't affect certain things that would require that. The highest total Percentages an Art can obtain is 300%.

Boosts are physical or spiritual statistic boosting through a natural or unnatural technique. Although only certain jutsu may be available while being boosted, this is more often not the case. Boosts almost always have post limits due to the use of chakra, or have a chraka activation cost. The highest total Percentages a boost can obtain is 200%.

Auras are a special Combat Style, which covers anything that may affect other people. These work in the same was a Boosts but are more powerful and thus much more difficult to obtain. These will always have a cool-down effect and limited post count. While in the activation or deactivation post, jutsu are unable to be used and the user can not move for that round. Aura's have a percentage limit of 100%, but normally have small little tricks to accompany them.

Miscellaneous Information

- Combat Styles cannot be gained at character creation, with the exception of kinjutsu points.

When Training multiple characters in the same post one does not have to separate the posts out for each character, they may post as all of them at once (If they are interacting) however this does not allow you to receive points for each of them with a single grade. Each character that you are training must receive a point grade towards the total for the quality of the full post. This means that if someone makes a post that is worthy of 6 points than the mod would divide these five points between the amount of character being trained so if two character are being trained each character receives 3 points.

Combat Style Limits

Combat Styles

No Taijutsu
  • E Rank = 0 Combat Style
  • D Rank - B Rank = 1 Combat Style
  • A Rank = 2 Combat Styles
Taijutsu Minor
  • E Rank - D Rank = 1 Combat Style
  • C - A Rank = 2 Combat Styles
  • S Rank = 3 Combat Styles
Taijutsu Major
  • E Rank = 2 Combat Style
  • D Rank - B Rank = 3 Combat Styles
  • A Rank = 4 Combat Styles
Taijutsu Specialist
  • E Rank = 3 Combat Styles
  • D Rank - B Rank = 4 Combat Styles
  • A Rank = 5 Combat Styles
Taijutsu Genius
  • E Rank = 4 Combat Styles
  • D Rank - B Rank = 5 Combat Styles
  • A Rank = 6 Combat Styles
Taijutsu Master
  • E Rank = 5 Combat Styles
  • D Rank - B Rank = 6 Combat Styles
  • A Rank = 7 Combat Styles
Taijutsu Perfectionist
  • E Rank = 6 Combat Styles
  • D Rank - B Rank = 7 Combat Styles
  • A Rank = 8 Combat Styles

Combat styles also aside from these natural caps, have a total limit of how many you can obtain. This number is double the styles you would get based off of your natural Taijutsu level. So an A rank taijutsu specialist could obtain up to 10 combat styles, while one without taijutsu could only obtain up to 4. Combat styles like special abilities and style points can be given out in special missions for completing them. They are typically given out in 2-5 increments.
Feb 27 2016, 07:23 AM
Rank Training System

This guide does not cover the title of your RPC, only their rank. Informtion on titles can be found Here.

The ranking system gives us more realistic strength rankings by separating a character's title and their actual combat strength. All characters will start as E-Rank Genin. Progressing through ranks is done through the simple act of either using an auto rank up item (purchased in the forum store) or through point training. The ranks are E, D, C, B, A and S. It should be noted that every Genin starts at E-Rank.

There are several ways to advance in rank, all of which are listed below:
  • Rank training: Rank training is a simple endeavor. To advance in rank, one simply posts in character plots with links to recent threads of character progression or anything they consider worth their character gaining strength. Moderators will then review and approve it, or suggest you work a little more to advance in rank. Do note as one gains strength, each rank becomes increasingly more steep in demand to attain. If an rpc successfully attains a rank advancement in this manner, the same character cannot request a rank advancement for at least a week in real time.
  • Exams: Chuunin and Jounin exams are also a common way to advance in rank, but note that they're focused around gaining a new title. A Genin can only participate in Chuunin exams, and a Chuunin can only participate in Jounin exams. A Genin of E-B Rank will advance one rank if he successfully passes the Chuunin exams. A Chuunin B-A Rank will advance one rank if he successfully passes the Jounin exams.
  • RPG Events: RPG events held by the administration can earn you a rank advancement if you display good RP skill and use your character to the fullest. Just like the exams, this only refers to global events. Events limited by village or some other OOC factor, whoever holds them, won't give you a new rank.
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