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Sep 23 2016, 06:06 PM
So I realize do to the state of things we may have to restart. But I think since this didn't get too far in the first place, and since rules have actually been made for the better unlike certain places we shouldn't have to restart from scratch.

However if we do, how about you drop the hammer now so we don't end up putting work into our characters.
Sep 23 2016, 06:01 PM
So we doing this guys? I'm really wanting to rp and I need to know if dealing with this would be a waste of energy or not.
Mar 10 2016, 12:53 AM
Deific Duality
Royal Blood - Angelic
Added part about angels having better access to jutsu. Specified the time thing only applies to Low Mastery.

Name: Deific Duality
Requirements: Curtis Yuwea; 5 Point Training initially; A rank, at least a point in Ijutsu and 5 Point Training for body creation.
Description: Curtis' mind is a curious thing, being naturally psychic. An unforeseen result of this was his mind splintering into two literal people when he was exposed to an extremely stressful situation. This other personality is a twisted form of him, wishing to challenge anyone who think they are worthy of facing this Emigre Prince. But he's no guardian angel. He also represents self destructive tendencies that surfaced when Curtis quote and quote "betrayed his friends". Someone viewing Curtis' soul would see it as probably extremely large, but this is only half true. While being an other-dimensional creature with an exceptionally strong spirit, it is actually two spirits together. Closer inspection would reveal two soul connected to one another in a manner similar to Siamese twins.

This splinter personality is known as Curjin. Statistically speaking, he has thirteen jutsu slots, Fire release, a single C/S slot, and  his own set of favored weapon points (still based off the points in taijutsu). He is considered to have the same SAs as Curtis (he cannot access Sage Mode until Excessive due to him having to pull cosmic energy himself). The only exception is for the purpose of Soul Resonance, in which he is considered a Magical Weapon Blood while Curtis is a Meister. Said SA still takes an regular slot and such. Curtis can also use Curjin's Weapon Blood form, though this doesn't give him the ability to resonate with it. Being apart of Curtis, he can force himself out in stressful situations. In rare cases, Curtis may let him out. Whatever the reason is, they can only switch out after two posts (on the third one). Curjin's mind cannot inhabit any of the usual type of clones created by jutsu. They cannot use each others jutsu. "Their" body has a chakra pool that is 50% larger. They share the same body, style points, and chakra pool. Curtis can give up CS slots to give them to Curjin.

Due to focus Curtis can only get Suiton and an advanced/combo form of it at A rank for elements. Curjin also gain Enton which is automatically applied to all his Katon techniques.

Curjin wanting to be able to get away from Curtis, with the later wanting to give the former space for his on reasons, Curtis developed the ability to make a split body. Curtis can create one living body that still spiritually bonded to him and allow Curjin's essence to host said body. This body is as sturdy as a normal one, and any SAs  or other abilities Curjin could use while in control of the main body can be used in this one. This body receives chakra directly from Curtis. If this body is killed Curjin will immediately be sent back into Curtis. At long distances (such as another topic) Curtis may feel a bit of pain, but in close vicinity he will receive a stunning amount of pain. He must then spend A rank's worth of chakra if he wishes to create another body. Curtis can pull the clone back into him at anytime by touching the body. While the body is in Curtis, Curjin can cause limbs to sprout from him.
  • Split personality that has it's own Favored Weapon Points, Fire Element, 13 jutsu slots, and a CS slot while active but shares the same body.
  • Share SAs except in the cause of Soul Resonance where Curtis gets Meister and Curjin gets Weapon Blood. They still both must be trained.
  • Once Soul Resonance is gained Curtis can use Curjin's weapon form but cannot Resonate with it.
  • Personalities can switch with a two post cooldown.
  • 50% more Chakra
  • Curtis can give CS slots to his split.
  • Due to focus and the way his body is the only regular element he gets is Suiton and an advance or combo for of it at A rank. Curjin gains Enton at this point and can automatically be used in his Katon jutsu. Any required training is still necessary.
  • At A rank and with at least a point in Ijutsu Curtis can make a cloned body to house Curjin that still shares chakra pool with him.
  • If body is destroyed, Curtis will feel varying pain and have to spend A rank chakra to recreate it.
  • When this body is housed within Curtis, Curjin can strike out with it's limbs.
Name: Manifest Persona
Type: Special
Rank: B (Basic)
Requirements: Deific Duality
Description: Normally Curjin wouldn't come out at Curtis' beck and call, but being cooped up all the time is no fun. It also takes time before the persona can switch again. But those rare times they want/need to work together in tight synchronization, they can expend C ranked chakra in order to immediately change. This can be used multiple times in one post, but having to pay for each time will exhaust chakra, duh.

Name: Konso
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C (Basic)
Requirements: Deific Duality, Curtis Yuwea
Description: An ability Curtis acquired while messing around in the summons world, it's more useful then it seems at first. It gives him the ability to immediately send a dead person's spirit to whatever afterlife they may believe in. He merely has to be in the general area, and send this out as a pulse form his body. This requires no handseals, though his left hand has to be raise with his arm stretched out and palm open. Timed right it may even save/prevent them from being held or captured. They have to actually be dead though. This cannot auto-kill a personal assuming a spiritually similar form or a spirit bound by bloodline or Special Ability. Though he does have something for such people, by touching them and spending chakra equal to one rank below theirs he will force them into physical form. And by spiritual I mean like a ghost or something. This will not work on those with elemental forms.

Name: Neo-Moonblade
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Requirements: Deific Duality, Curtis Yuwea
Description: Drawing upon the special chakra afforded to him by his seemingly angelic heritage, he creates a blade of solid energy. It requires no handseals, and springs from his clenched fist. It only last 1 to 3 hits, dealing damage as an energized weapon of his highest wieldable rank. The fewer hits he decides to do with it, the more damage each individual blow deals.

Name: Neo-Moonbow
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Requirements: Deific Duality, Curtis Yuwea
Description: Using his special chakra, Curtis will outstretch his hand and an standard bow made of energy without a string will appear. The bow is as strong as the highest rank he can wield. By spending E rank chakra he will produce a standard arrow made from energy and draw it back, at which time a string will appear. He can also spend C chakra to create explosive arrows which are equal in rank to the highest weapon he could wield. Once the bow is created, he can use it for the rest of the topic. He can even cause it to disappear then reappear.

Name: Lunar Shards
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B/A
Requirements: Deific Duality, Curtis Yuwea
Description: Not needing handseals due to it being a part of his other dimensional powers, Curtis changes his chakra into crystal like shards. They form in front of him, and spray out from there. They start at with about a 4 ft. diameter right in front of him, and then fire either straight or in a conical fashion. While the damage is more of a physical tearing, they are considered both energy and physical. The A ranked variation surrounds Curtis' upper torso, and can either be fired a few at a time, or controlled as a swarm.

Name: Evil Eye
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C/B/A
Requirements: Curjin or learned directly from him
Description: Even a skilled swordsman may want to use some sort of energy attack, but putting down your sword can be such a hassle. This was designed to avoid that, firing a quick beam of energy from the eyes to take advantage of openings. It is weaker than jutsu of its rank, but the speed makes up for this. At B rank, this reduction in power is nulled, but the beam must be charged for at least as long as it takes to do a standard set of handseals if not slightly longer. The last form of this takes even longer, and will cause a 5 ft. explosion on contact. The max ranges are 10, 20, and 30 ft., respectively. 10% more chakra can be spent to add a single one of your elements.

Name: Beam Cannon
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B/A (Kin)
Requirements: Deific Duality, Curtis/Curjin Yuwea
Description: First developed by Curjin, it is a powerful energy beam attack that requires no handseals. Its activation requires the user to bring up their index and middle finger and channel a large amount of charka into them. This last about as long as a standard string of handseals, and a few seconds longer at A rank. The beam itself is made of two parts, a diffused beam in the middle and a concentrated beam coiled in a spiral around it. Its strength lies in pure power, the B ranked one able to easily pierce through stone and soft metals and the A ranked one able to go through medium to strong metals. It remains strong up to 50 ft. away, and then starts to disperse at a moderate rate. The range is halved when dealing with soft and strong metals, at B and A ranked respectively.

Name: Royal Blood - Angelic
Requirements: Sage Mode, Curtis Yuwea, At Creation
Description: More than a simple human, Curtis' father was gifted with a power that flourished within him as a child. This particular form of power is a bit chaotic, granting equal portions of strength in those it influences properly but giving them different forms of it. This showed up in Curtis as the power of heaven's servants the angels. As a result he has a bloodline level of connection to them and communes with angels from all sorts of worlds regularly. This grants him 50% bonus on Strength, Speed, Stamina and Endurance due to him having a more powerful body than a regular human. He also gains wings which allow him to move at his regular speed with good maneuverability. However the portion of power given to him is so faint he can't fully access it for long without outside help.

Thus he learned a path similar to that of Sage Mode, but rather than use natural energy, he uses the divine energy inherit in the universe itself. It is drawn upon the same way, but its use is taught by angels rather than a tribe of animal or mythical beast. In Low and Medium Mastery his appearance is influenced by this in a way similar to regular Sage Mode. Low Mastery influences him with the divine creatures of the beast realms causing him to take cat like traits including a set of retractable claws. These claws are equal in damage as his unarmed strikes, save for the fact they slash. That being said, they are about as durable as claws normally are, meaning they can be broken with weapons equal to their rank. Medium Mastery influences him with the energies of the cut and file solider class of angels, making him a bit more military like as well as giving him red hair and green eyes with four pointed star pupils. Excessive Mastery cause him to take his true appearance, having pure white skin with long white hair, covered in mystical white tattoos. He also loses his wings but maintains the ability to fly.

Due to this being a power that is naturally apart of him he remains in Sage Mode 50% longer in Low Mastery, rounded down. However since it is apart of his angelic nature his stat bonuses from this SA are lost when he is in Sage Mode. Rather than Senjutsu he does Seijinjutsu, but this is only different in the fact he's drawing cosmic energy rather than natural.

The angels themselves are a bit more flexible than even regular Sage Summons, being able to have an extra element and Hikariton as a choice. They also possess one more jutsu and their jutsu cap is increased by one.
  • Contract with Angels.
  • 50% Strength, Speed, Stamina and Endurance, that is lost in Sage Mode.
  • Grants him wings that lets him fly at his regular speed, though he flies without them in Excessive Mastery.
  • Low mastery gives him claws.
  • 50% more time transformed in Low Mastery.
  • Can make portals for traveling (no combat use).
  • Summons can have an extra element, and can have Hikariton.
  • Summons have an additional jutsu slot, and the rank limit of them are boasted by one.
Mar 9 2016, 10:39 PM
M/G Personnel Jutsu
Put that Mech Summoned things can have any reasonable number of minor devices.
Assault Bracers and Mech Summoning are no longer Kinjutsu.

Name: Fabricate
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C (Basic)
Requirement: Mad/Genius
Description: A technique any Mad/Genius would have, unless they dislike things of a seemingly magical nature for whatever stupid reason. Or they like wasting hours in the lab simply constructing something. Running a small bit of chakra through a special pair of googles, gloves and/or tool(s) the user will telekinetically manipulate raw materials in order to build an object in a relatively short amount of time. These objects can't be manipulated for battle purposes and this can only be used to create something you could otherwise. Someone with the proper element could spend more chakra to create said element if its needed for the construction. Katon and Temperature Manipulation can also be use for things such as heat treatment and welding.

Name: Energy Conversion
Type: Ninjusu or Puppetry
Rank: C
Requirement: Mad/Genius
Description: An interesting alternative to the ninja system of using scroll to call things from far away, it instead stores them in the space around an object. This can even be around parts of the body, though the item has to be roughly the same size of what its sealed over. Also note that this can only overlap once. Meaning you could have armor converted over you and weapons converted over each section of the armor. Anymore overlaps will result in a personal size singularity that is not good news for the one who made such a foolish attempt. One sealed it requires a relatively small amount of chakra to call the item and return it.

Name: Munition Creation
Type: Taijutsu or Puppetry
Rank: B
Requirement: Mad/Genius
Description: Sometimes you just don't have the time to reload a weapon in the midst of combat. This technique was created for such situations, causing the ammo to load directly into the weapon through a built in device. The cost for doing this is chakra worth a rank under the item you are loading. If there is a clip the weapon uses, it costs the amount of a rank under the clip. This can also be used without devices as a seal less jutsu to summon small weapons directly into the hand. They still must be able to qualify as ammo, such as kunai.

Name: Tech Armor
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Requirement: Mad/Genius
Description: A defensive technique that generates a vestmet of chakra through some sort of specially made protective device that is worn such a protective vest or armor. To it activate the user will place any amount of chakra into the device, as long as it's no higher than the max rank of jutsu they can use. This will block taijutsu, ninjutsu and fuuinjutsu in any combination up to one rank less of chakra placed in. None jutsu physical attacks are counted as two ranks lower than the one using them, or if they are using an item it's counted as a rank lower than the item. They can refresh it at any time by placing more chakra in, though they still cannot exceed the original limit. Additionally, if it is brought down fully it will release a ten foot shockwave which will do a small amount of damage and knock them up to fifteen feet away. This can also be used with puppets that have the proper equipment.

Name: Assault Bracers
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Requirement: Mad/Genius, Tech Armor
Description: Sometimes an item isn't strong enough to make the cut, despite its functionality. This has been created in order to combat the issue. This generates a pair of chakra bracers from worn armor or arm gear. These bracers improve any item personally wielded, save for puppets. While this is active, costing B rank chakra to maintain, any item used will be considered at jutsu potential.

Name: Laser Designation
Type: Ninjutsu or Puppetry
Rank: A
Requirement: Mad/Genius
Description: Originally use to increase visibility of a target and to let minions know whom to converge on, another use has been found when someone volatilely overcharged it on accident. A really good one too. Being projected from a sighting device in a way similar to a laser, the target will glow and will take 25% additional damage for 3 posts. The glow itself lasts 5 posts.

Name: Assault Mode / All Variations!
Type: Taijutsu or Puppetry
Rank: B (Kin) / B (Kin)
Requirement: Mad/Genius, 4 Point Training for All Variations after Assault Mode has been learned
Description: A technique designed to help the stability of overclocking a machine to release its utmost potential. This can be used on armor, puppets and some vehicles and will flow chakra into it to increase its abilities for the next 10 posts. The exact abilities must be outlined in it's application, but typically it gains power, armor and a lot more weaponry. It will also count as a rank higher, no higher than S and will be considered a weak artifact if already at S.

All Variations is a climatic end to Assault Mode, putting even more chakra into it than releasing it in a volley of all of its weapons. They will receive power equal to both this jutsu, and plus whatever energy is left over from Assault Mode. This will end it immediately.

Name: Mech Summoning
Type: Taijutsu or Puppetry
Rank: B/A/S
Requirement: Mad/Genius, Energy Conversion
Description: A step up from normal power armor, this summons a Mecha with power comparable to a summoning creature. Each one has up two special devices at minor and major, gains one more at boss and any reasonable amount of weapons and minor devices. It must be apped as a weapon. They also grant access to a number of jutsu only useable in the Mech, a number equal to the amount a summon creature of its rank would have. Jutsu performed are scaled to the armor, but unless it uses a device allowing it to use handseals, the pilot will have to do them and the jutsu will be at their scale. Either way, the chakra costs are payed by the pilot. Finally this jutsu is paid for as a ninjutsu despite what style you learned it as. It is the cost for both summoning and activating it, so if it is right by you and is entered manually this cost is reduced a rank. You also only have to pay once per unit unless it is somehow unsummoned (though it isn't considered a creature for these situations). The specifics of each rank are the following;

B rank, Minor - The ability of a minor summon is added to the pilot's own. These are by far the smallest ranging from just bigger than the pilot, to thirteen feet tall.

A rank, Major - The user's ability is scaled to that of a major summon and the size can get to be as large as one as well.

S rank, Boss - The user's ability is scaled to that of a boss summon, and the size can get to be as large as one as well.

Note: Stat bonuses provided by equipment can only go up to 100% total, 150% at Boss level. From any amount of devices. Also note as these are machines certain bonuses may apply drawbacks. For instance one with speed boosted 100% without a proper navigation system in its other slot will probably only be able to move in a straight line at max thrust.
Mar 9 2016, 10:11 PM
Dragon Circuit
Revamped it from being a mulistage SA. Replaced chakra pool boost with more control.
Messed with the jutsu a little.

Name: Dragon Circuit
Requirements: 5 Points Training, Dragon Soul, Uchiha
Description: Building upon the experimentations her mother ran on her, Stephanie constructed a special system within her body. This system takes the shape of an intricate pattern throughout her body, taking the form of a cross between the magical glyphs of old and the paths of a computer circuit board with the center taking the rough shape of a dragon crest. Based off the roots of the chakra circulatory system and centralized in the torso, it amplifies the energies present in the body and allows for much greater control of them. Of course this includes chakra, but also pertains to other supernatural forces that most shinobi don't pay any mind to. It's presence boosts chakra control by 133%. This circuit is so precise that it even reduces the amount of MS Points needed to spend on Susanoo, as she has a special bond to the technique. This is due to it being a projection of not only her will, but her overall. Anyone with the ability to see chakra can at least faintly see the circuit spread through her body. Those capable of actually seeing the chakra circulatory system can see the it fully, and this may actually make the circulatory system more diffifult to see as it overlaps it.

Seeing it allows such tight control of her own chakra, it allows her to do three different feats. The first is the ability to make her chakra signature look three different ways. This allows each of her three "personas" to have there own unique chakra signature. The other two deal with the handling of chakra and magical energies. If she has done some sort of technique that manifests a construct of chakra and has not used it for its purpose she can reabsorb the chakra and use it for something else. In the cause continous jutsu that have been used, she only gets back 75% of the initial cost if it requires upkeep, but only 50% if it's paid for one time. Lastly, any technique that reqires concentration or to be held can exist for a single post time without either being done.
  • 133% Chakra Control
  • MS Point cost for Susanoo jutsus is halfed, rounded up
  • Three different chakra signatures.
  • Can reassign chakra spent on unused jutsu.
  • Techiques requiring concentration or holding can be made not to for one post.

Name: Circuit Slave
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: C
Requirements: Dragon Circuit
Description: Being a very real thing inside her body, the Circuit has a physical existance with a bit of chakra channeled into it. This can be taken advantage of when one would be paralyzed through physical means or have injured muscles. Channeling chakra into a portion of the Circuit as mentioned, one can then manipulate it to in turn move the limb that is within. These Circuits are used as a substitute for muscles, and thus paralysis inflicted another way cannot be ignored through this. This chakra is merely regulated, so it is not lost.

Name: Circuit Blade/Spear
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: B
Requirements: Circuit Slave
Description: A useful if somewhat painful offensive technique. Filling a portion of the Circuit with chakra, the user will temporarily cause it to rip through the body and be wield as if it were a weapon. These are counted as a special weapon the user's rank. If destroyed, the user will have to undergo surgery or supernatural healing. The size and amount varies, but keep in mind these are a result of using the circuit within the body so is limited in that way.

Name: Blunt Vein
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: B
Requirements: Dragon Circuit
Description: An unusual defensive application of the Circuit. It temporarily fuses it with nearby blood vessels and hardens them for a post. For this period it become as hard a special weapon the user's rank. Alternatively, one can spend chakra equal to a rank below what they are blocking to prevent the damage to that limb. This can also be used to stop blood lose by spending D to B rank depending on the size of the wound.
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